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Wall Graphics Panels
Shell Wall Graphics are a great way to use your designs to bring your exhibition shell scheme to life and attract potential customers to your stand.

Made from top quality materials the graphics walls are supplied with all the necessary Shell-Clad fixings required to attach you’re the graphics walls to the shell scheme.

The panels are easy to place on the shell walls – the graphics is attached to the wall using Velcro applications. The graphics wall are lights and portable so customers can reuse it for many years. Display Master Australia offer 2 types of wall graphics to suit your seeds: PVC Panels and Fabric Panels

Option 1: PVC Panels
Thick, Durable, UV Laminated Long Lasting

This PVC banner solution consist of number of panels placed next to each other between the poles. It takes only few minutes to place the panels on the shell walls. The panels are placed using Velcro application and can be re-used many times.

We construct our PVC graphics panels from 3 layers.
PopUp Display - Graphics
  • Bottom layer: high quality thick PVC
  • Middle layer: High resolution photographic quality Digital Print printed on the highest quality vinyl.
  • Top Layer: Clear Sandtex Laminate with UV protection

High quality thick PVC – we use high quality thick PVC that is 100% light block-out so the frame is not visible through the graphic panels

High resolution photographic quality Digital Print - All panels are perfectly matched so that the image is streamless, with unnoticeable joins.

Colour matching – When Pantone Colours are specified, we colour match to ensure our graphics match as closely as possible to your corporate colours.

Clear Sandtex Laminate with UV protection – We laminate all popup graphics with UV Sandtex to not only protect your graphics from scratches and dirt but also to protect against severe fading. In addition, the laminate adds thickness to the graphics to make it even more durable which is important when displaying in high traffic areas. The laminate is matt and non-reflective.

Option 2: Fabric Panels
Durable, Non Crease, Non reflective Long Lasting

This solution consist of one big continue fabric panel cover the complete wall.

the fabric is full colour printed.

the large Fabric panel is attached to the shell walls via the highest commercial grade Velcro application sewn at the back of the fabric.

The material used for the graphics is unique media as it is a non reflective media. It is widely used by our customers as a media backdrops where cameras are used with strong flashes.

In addition, our fabric panels has unique characteristics. In contrast to other fabric used by other suppliers, our fabric is a non Crease media. So when the fabric panel is placed on the wall, there will be no Crease so your Sell wall will look flat, clean and vibrant.

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