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Smart Frame slimline fabric displays
Media wall backdrop displays
Folding panels displays ? Exhibition panels
Flags & flying banners
Twistpack tower displays
Promotional counters
Table cloths
A-frame signs, sandwich boards
Tension banners
Brochure stands
Poster frames and poster holders
Poster frames and poster holders
TV & ipad stands
Hanging banners, fabric, vinyl, mesh
Outdoor displays
Outdoor Banners, fabric, vinyl, mesh
Folding marquees, custom printed
Crowd control barriers
Concept Kits
Lightboxes, slim line, indoor/outdoor
Scrolling banners

Exhibition solutions
Exhibition solution - Shell graphic wall
Exhibition solution - Popup display solutions
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Accepted File Formats

We accept artwork in the following formats:

• PDF (print resolution), Please convert all text to paths/curves (Outline)
• CMYK TIF (print resolution), Please flatten all files
• Photoshop (EPS, TIF, PSD), Please flatten all files, (print resolution)
• Illustrator - Please convert all text to paths/curves (Outline)

You need to ensure all supporting images, files and fonts are included. A minimum resolution of 150dpi (CMYK colour) at the full printed size is required (1:1 scale). We recommend you supply us images in the highest resolution possible as this will provide the best quality result for your banner.

Note: Photoshop files/scans/images should be 600 dpi at ¼ of the size. This will avoid any pixellation of the image due to low-resolution. Images can be in RGB or CMYK in eps or tiff format. Jpeg encoding can be used with eps files to minimize file sizes.

File Size and Bleeds

We have templates for all our products listed on our website. These templates contain the correct dimensions, including the bleed required to create your artwork files. Once you have placed your order, we will automatically send you the appropriate templates relating to your order.

You can also request a template through our website. Go to the Artwork section and click on the Templates link. Select the template that you require and e-mail your request through to us (an e-mail will be automatically sent to us). We will send you the template within 24 hours.

Colour Matching

Full colour graphics are based on the Pantone CMYK Colour Matching System. We cannot gurantee an exact colour match, but we will come as close as possible (just as long as you provide us with the Pantone CMYK Colour Code when placing your order). Variables relating to individual substrates, heat and dyes might have an affect on the final artwork appearance.

Submitting Your Files

You can send us your artwork through our website or through the mail.

  • For website submissions: Go to the Artwork section and click on the Send Your Artwork link. The steps are described. Once we receive your artwork, you will receive confirmation from us. If you have concerns with submitting your files, call us on 1300 785 131 and we will guide you through the process.

  • For mail submissions: Send your artwork on CD by express post - mail to: PO Box 6035, Caulfield South, Vic, 3162. Please make sure you label your CD with your company name and invoice number so we can track the artwork to your order.

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