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This Commercial Grade, Automatic, Non-Contact Hand Sanitiser Dispenser is ideal Solution for schools, kindergartens, Shops, Offices, hospitals, airports, hotels and restaurants, Stores, Warehouse and Waiting Area's.
Smart sensing (auto-sensing) and completely touchless design provides quick sanitizer delivery without touching the machine. LED indicator for night use.
Smart sensing (auto-sensing) – sensor detect your hand under the Dispenser (3-10cm away from the outlet nozzle) and Automatically spray liquid
This Dispenser is Suitable for 3 different liquid: sanitizer, foam, soap, (Note: foam and soap nozzle sold separately)
Dispenser liquid capacity is 1000ml (Solid Refillable bottle)
The Dispenser is Lockable with window design
Dispenser is Battery operated (4 x1.5v C size batteries). This dispenser consume very low power – batteries last up to 30,000 sprays. Light indicator available to show low power. ( Note: batteries are not included ).
The Dispenser can be powered by standard 6V 1A DC power supply. (Note: DC power transformer is not include )

Product Code: PPE-AHS-006-W
Model: PSQ10
Voltage: 4 x 1.5v (C size battery) or with adaptoer, Note: batteries are not included
Bottle: Refillable bottle (1000ml capacity )
Product weight: 0.8Kg
Type: Wall Mounted
Dispenser Dimension: 158 x 116 x 286mm
Base diemension: 158 x 286 x 286mm
Package Includes: 1 x Automatic Non-Contact Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
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