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Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
This SQ600 Commercial Grade, Automatic, Non-Contact Hand Sanitiser Dispenser is an ideal solution for schools, kindergartens, shops, offices, hospitals, airports, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, warehouses and patient waiting rooms.

This smart sensing (auto-sensing) sanitiser system has a completely touchless design providing quick sanitisation without having to physically touch the machine. It also has a LED indicator for night use.

Features include:
New Non-Contact Technology – Uses smart sensing (auto-sensing) technology. Detects distance 0-12cm under the dispenser with ¼ sec response to automatic spray of liquid.
Suitable for 3 different liquid options: Dispenser is suitable for 3 different liquid options: sanitiser, foam, and soap (Note: foam and soap nozzle sold separately).
1 Litre Capacity - Solid large refillable bottle 1000ml capacity.
Lockable – Secure and lockable case (can only open case with safety Key).
Liquid Viewing Window – Allows you to view the liquid level in the dispenser.
Battery operated - Battery operated dispenser. Use 4 x 1.5v C size batteries (Note: batteries are not included).
Low power consumption - batteries last up to 10,000 sprays.
Power Supply Option - Unit can connect directly to power via a transformer (Note: power supply transformer is not included).
Adjustable feet – for extra stability when using on uneven surface or carpet surfaces.
Features include:
Solid Steel Frame and Heavy Wide Steel Base - for extra stability.
Enclosed Drip Tray – for the collection of excess liquid. Prevents spillage and elimination of slippage.
Adjustable feet – for extra stability when using on uneven surface or carpet surfaces.
Certificates and Standard Compliance - The unit complies with all 3 major Certificates and Standards: CCC / CB / CE.

hand Sanitiser

This Hand Sanitiser is an environmentally friendly, safe and non-toxic, high-performance hand sanitiser.
Hospital Grade - TGA Approved hand sanitiser
High grade disinfectant that kills 99.9999% of germs & viruses.
COVID-19 Effective Product - kills 99.9999% of germs & viruses.
Alcohol-free sanitiser
Non-flammable – Safe with children
This Hand Sanitiser formulated using safe, organic ingredients that are derived from natural plant extracts and other natural ingredients
All of the ingredients in this Hand Sanitiser are GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe). According to the American Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the GRAS designation indicates that a chemical or substance added to food designated as GRAS is considered safe by experts.
The product is TGA registered, and has been tested, proven and certified by laboritories, institutes and government agencies world-wide.
Disinfects and protects against germs and viruses for up to 24 hours
For More information about the Hand Sanitiser - click here

Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Unit
hand sanitiser
 Product Model:  SQ600
 Product Name:
Floor Stand automatic no-contact Hand Sanitieer Dispenser
 Product Code:
Wall Mount: PPE-AHS-005-W
Floor Stand: PPE-AHS-005-W
 Dispenser Dimension:  W:124mm H:256mm D:108mm
 Stand Dimension:  W:300mm H:1700mm D:370mm
 Sensing method  Infrared auto-sensing
 Sensing rageSensing rage  0~12cm
 Response time  25ms ( 1/4 sec)
 Power supply
4 X C size battery(Non rechargeable),(Or DC6V power supply (optional) can not use with battery)
 Battery working time  10,000
 Switch  Switch keys
 Installation mode of liner
Independent assembly, easy to replace and clean
 Liquid capacity  1000ml
 Liquid pump  Spray
 Spraying volume  1.2ml (Spray)
 Opening method  Open with safety key
 Liquid exchange method  Manual open cover to replace liquid
 Shell material  Environmental ABS materials
 Net weight  ~ 0.85KG
 Mounting method  Floor stand
 Workplace  Indoor / Outdoor
Transportation environment
Temperature - 20 ~ 60 C, humidity 5% ~ 85% RH
Vibration test - IEC60721-3-2 Class 2M2
Operation and
storage environment
Operating environment: temperature 0 ~ 40 C, humidity 35% ~ 85% RH

Storage environment: temperature - 10 ~ 50 C, humidity 15% ~ 90% RH
Pillar package weight: 2.5KG
Base package weight: 6.69KG
Package size
Pillar package size: 1160X125X83mm
Base package size: 385X315X155mm
& Standard
Certificates compliance: CCC / CB / CE
Electrostatic rating:
Contact discharge: Level II
Air discharge: Level III
Package Includes:
1 x Automatic Non-Contact Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
1 x Floor Stand
1 x Full color printed sign
For More information about the Hand Sanitiser Dispenser - click here
Hand Sanitiser
Product Code: PPE-SANI-EW-A001
Product: Hospital Grade (Commercial) - TGA Approved Hand Sanitiser
Bottle Size: 5 litres
Germs & viruses Protection: Up to 24 hours
Approvals: TGA Approved
World Health Organization Approved
HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point – Australia)
AOAC - Association of Official Analytical Chemists - Hospital grade Disinfection
MPI – Ministry of Primary Industries – New Zealand
Package Code: PPE-PD-MED006
Package Includes: 2 x Automatic Non-Contact Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
2 x Sanitiser Stand Frame.
2 x Full Colour Printed Header Sign.
1 x 5-Litres Hand Sanitiser bottle
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